S+T+ARTS projects are designed to generate added value and unexpected results in innovation by placing artistic players in non-artistic domains and facilitating these interdisciplinary collaborations of engineers, scientists and artists. S+T+ARTS Residencies is a specific funding scheme to finance long-term cooperation periods between science or technology projects and artistic proposals, with the aim of supporting collaborations between artists and technologists as part of interesting use-cases.

VOJEXT demonstrates its value through 5 experimental pilots
(and 9 SMEs) in the fields of plastic textile, electronics, automotive, construction and creative architecture for urban regeneration, covering both traditional and non-traditional areas for AI-robotics and cognitive ICT developments.

Through S+T+ARTS Residencies, artists are invited to research and work on designs related to the challenges defined in this call and collaborate with technology providers and SMEs where possible to create synergies and alternative designs inspired by their projects.

VOJEXT S+T+ARTS Residency is designed to work in alignment with VOJEXT technology partners and use case SMEs where relevant. The overarching goals are:

  • To complement VOJEXT technology development efforts in extending the capacity and technology outreach of VOJEXT infrastructure by involving artists to work in collaboration with technology providers and possible use case SMEs working with VOJEXT APIs, and ·
  • To develop art-driven innovation experiments expanding the scope of the existing technologies or use cases or deploying new ones –at DIH living labs and/or SMEs/mid- caps. This approach is planned to strengthen the impact/potential of VOJEXT technologies and approach towards digitizing and boosting European industry through the deployment of a) 2 challenge-driven and b) 1 mission-driven residencies.

S+T+ARTS Residency in Robotics Projectss

VOJEXT awarded 3 artist residencies as part of the larger Horizon R&D project. This is a rare and distinct approach pioneered by only a few consortium Horizon projects, and VOJEXT Consortium is one of them. Integrating art and artistic process to organizational innovation is challenging and VOJEXT Consortium offers valuable learnings and novel outcomes resulting from 3 residency projects.

driven Robotics 
in Construction

driven Robotics 
in Arts & Crafts

driven Social Robots