VOJEXT, a project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, aims to produce a set of mobile robotic systems that will enable new ways of automation (semi- or fully-automatic tasks) in a human-robot collaborative environment coping with the demand for flexible means of production. Under the vision of providing “Value Of Joint EXperimentation” in digital technologies, the project dynamizes science-driven industry approaches for European industry.

For this purpose, VOJEXT will design, develop and demonstrate affordable, market-oriented, agile, multipurpose and easy-to-repurpose, autonomous, mobile and dexterous robotic systems as the main component of a smart, agile and scalable cognitive CPS ecosystem for the manufacturing and construction industry.

VOJEXT demonstrates its value through 5 experimental pilots
(and 9 SMEs) in the fields of plastic textile, electronics, automotive, construction and creative architecture for urban regeneration, covering both traditional and non-traditional areas for AI-robotics and cognitive ICT developments.

What VALUE does VOJEXT bring to SMEs?



Easy-to use technology empowering and energising workforces to support flexible production environments that adapt to changing customer needs


Work side-by-side with human workers in complementary, flexible, and efficient operations (small batches, multiple deployments) using gesture recognition


Supports workforce`s safety and ergonomic as a top priority while operating around people


Continuously support production processes using machine vision and reasoning capabilities


Guarantee fast pay back and affordable robotic automation for SMEs