Challenge driven Robotics in construction

Robotics in Construction Residency focuses on creative use of emerging CPS and robotic technologies, to propose creative and functional designs and solutions including hardware and/or software components to be validated or co-designed with the technology provider and/or use case partner addressing human-robot collaboration in construction sites.


Calin Segal (FR)


Ornate Equations The Interplay of Structure and Serendipity


The project, Ornate Equations, aims to revive and re-imagine the ancient art of mosaics through the lens of modern technology. The project provides a fresh perspective on this long-established craft by combining the precision and repetition of robotic manufacturing with the new digital design aesthetic. This concept builds on the historical craftsmanship of mosaics while looking at today’s technology as a tool for augmenting creative output.

From a technology design point of view, project offers a unique opportunity to examine the traces left by the built environment in the form of debris. The mosaic will be made using tiles found on demolition sites from various locations. Each site will be selected based on extensive research, with the main criteria being historical and social background. The approach combines traditional mosaic-making techniques leveraging the precision and consistency of robotics and computer vision to create a unique and innovative composition that is scalable and flexible.

This, in turn, will lead to the challenge of working with non-standard geometries, such as construction debris. The obstacle will provide an opportunity to innovate and create a new technological procedure to tackle this problem.

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