Digital Innovation Hub

Are you an SME or Midcap interested in digital transformation and robotic solutions?

Leveraging the latest offerings from Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), VOJEXT is dedicated to fostering the generation and integration of innovative concepts in the market, in alignment with producers and adopters of collaborative robotics.

DIHs, crucial players within innovation ecosystems and technology enablers, play a significant role in promoting the adoption of digital technologies – particular the seamless integration of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and collaborative robots (cobots) within the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Are you a DIH interested in
collaboration between industry and artists?

By disseminating technical expertise widely, facilitating experimentation, fostering cross-sectoral collaboration, and facilitating investments, DIHs create a unique opportunity for SMEs and mid-cap enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and become trendsetters in this field.

The consortium has united four DIHs and seven additional DIH representatives who bring their expertise to the table. They collaborate with manufacturing companies and IT developers from academic and industrial backgrounds to engage in cooperative learning and design aimed at real-world experimental pilot scenarios.

VOJEXT focuses on cutting edge technologies
developed on four main topics:

Services provided by DIHs ​

Toward AI proof of concept

This service aims to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies. It encompasses POC research conducted by IMT Atlantique (at TRL levels 4-6) and POC for AI/Robotics by Capacités (at TRL levels 7-8), facilitating the validation of ideas in advance of full-scale industrial implementation.

DIH DIVA Pays de la Loire, Pôle EMC2

Workshop Design AI

Interdisciplinary Innovation Workshop by Nantes Université.

Interested in harnessing AI but unsure where to begin? Join our Design AI Workshop at EDIH DIVA. Spend a day mapping out possibilities to address your specific needs.

DIH DIVA Pays de la Loire, Pôle EMC2

Semantic data integration
and interpretation

We demonstrate the strategic utilization of synergy effects through semantic data integration and interpretation of heterogeneous data sources and information streams.


Knowledge-based Systems

The Robotics Labs showcase the practical applications of a knowledge-based engineering approach, aiding in the design and configuration of robot systems while enhancing the autonomy of robot-based automation solutions.


Software engineering

Part of our engineering services, related to:

C, C++, Python, JavaScript coding
Dedicated operating systems
Web technologies-based systems
Hardware optimisation


Control systems

Part of our R&D services, related to:

Development of command and control units; Development of control network involving various communication standards; Development and optimisation of control algorithms; Autonomy of operation; Distributed control networks


Access to finance

Many DIHs offer support for initiating collaborative R&D projects and can aid in identifying funding opportunities. Our dedicated project managers are here to guide you in developing your project and accessing funding from regional, national, or European sources.

As a first step, you can consult the funding opportunity mapping developed in VOJEXT that identifies main co-funding instruments available in VOJEXT DIH countries and at European level.

These programme and initiatives can support innovative or take-up projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Robotic and manufacturing.

Maturity assessment, Skills & trainings

DIHs can assist you in identifying your specific requirements and evaluating your company’s digital maturity in the context of AI and digitalisation.


DIHs assist industries in exploring, comprehending, and experimenting with technologies to enable SMEs to maintain their competitiveness in the global market. Various activities, including networking events like technical workshops, academic meetings, business conventions, and other networking gatherings, are implemented to foster the emergence of project ideas within the DIH ecosystems.

VOJEXT project brings together Digital Innovation Hubs interested in AI, robotic solutions and artistic dimension to support innovation.

Our focus on Artistic dimension!

An increasing number of high-tech companies worldwide emphasize the role of creativity in innovation. In addition to scientific and technological skills, creativity is considered a critical factor for innovation, delivering value to society. More and more (high-tech) companies throughout the world assert that, in addition to scientific and technological skills, one of the critical skills needed for innovation to happen, and to be of value for society, is creativity. Since creativity is rooted in artistic practices, the expertise and practice of artists can directly drive and influence innovation in technology.

They provide fresh perspectives, inspire innovative directions, and serve as catalysts for responsible transformations of technology into products and new models for society, the environment, and the economy. Recognizing this synergy, the European Commission introduced the STARTS Initiative – Innovation at the Intersection of Science, Technology, and the Arts – in 2015. The primary objective of the STARTS initiative is to involve artists in innovation projects.

Our approach is grounded in the recognition of the added value and unforeseen outcomes that arise from interdisciplinary collaborations, benefiting both artists and technical collaborators involved.

Drawing from the project’s experience and the expertise of our partners, VOJEXT will facilitate knowledge exchange among DIHs, fostering a collective reflection on how the artistic dimension can enhance their services and engage their members.