The 5 SMEs selected for funding in the 1st Open Call, held in the spring of 2021, will address 5 TECH CHALLENGES aimed at extending the capacity and technology outreach of VOJEXT demonstrators. They will be granted a total funding of  € 230 000 for implementation of their projects.

The kick-off (welcome) meeting with the companies was held on 15 December 2021. They are joining the project to integrate their solutions to the VOJEXT platform to boost innovation in cognitive robotics. They will be on board for the next 6-12 months.

You can find the names of the companies, their short profile and the respective challenge they will address in the table below.


Challenge 1 Construction – Robotic Toolset

Development of a robotic solution designed for accomplishing plastering tasks with a robotic arm and 1 or more different end-effectors. Such solution should be able to work on top of an existing mobile wheeled robot part of the VOJEXT environment.

Winning SME – High Performance Creators, Bulgaria

The company’s mission is to transform advanced technologies and to contribute for a better life by offering innovative solutions in the sectors of clean and renewable energy, industrial and home automation, intelligent agriculture and life science.

Challenge 2 – Navigation

Development of secure and autonomous robot navigation in highly dynamic environments.

Winning SME – ElifLab, Italy

An innovative company that operates in the field of data science and artificial intelligence helping organizations extract value from data in order to reduce costs, increase sales and effectiveness of operations, predict results, monitor and automate processes.

Challenge 3 – Visualization of point cloud in a VR headset

Scene and improve system’s usability, allowing user to navigate around the generate pointcloud using VR equipment.

Winning SME – Extend Robotics Limited, UK

The company develops cloud-based human-robot interface software for non-robotic expert to teleoperate and program robotic manipulators remotely for physical tasks.

Challenge 4 – Integrate two leap motion devices to improve user’s hand mapping

Synchronize two leap motion devices to allow precise but cheap hand mapping. Integrate the output with the teleop pipeline.

Winning SME – Taktify, Netherlands

The company develops and supplies innovative and high-tech ICT solutions for healthcare ,Real estate and service management sectors.  

Challenge 5 – Investigate a new method of hand mapping and integrate it to the teleop pipeline

Reproduce a method concerning hand movements tracking. If applicable, the method will be integrated into the teleop pipeline.

Winning SME  – Codewheel, Cyprus

The company develops a stack of technologies around human digitization, spanning content creation, spatial human-centered applications, and immersive experience deployments.


The Second Open Call “Pilots” with a total budget of € 620 000 is expected to be launched in June 2022. It will fund SMEs and mid-caps to deploy VOJEXT technology through small-scale pilots across Europe and across sectors. Stay tuned for more information! More details to be announced at

More details for Open Call 1 HERE

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