Challenge driven Robotics in Arts & Crafts

Robotics in Arts & Crafts Residency focuses on creative use of emerging CPS and robotic technologies, to enable arts and crafts practitioners to use efficient and safe collaborative robotic interfaces for remote production for small bespoke custom and or artisanal products. By integrating robotics in crafts production and by enabling this to be done remotely can possibly enhance working conditions of craft producers in relation to efficiency, health and productivity by having arts and crafts practitioners focusing on more intellectual aspects of produ


Marielena Papandreou (SP)


Crafting the Unimaginable from Industry Waste (GR-AI-N)


GR-AI-N aims to advance the production of bespoke artisanal products through the integration of computer vision, robotic manufacturing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The project seeks to harness the potential of discarded offcuts from the wood industry, as a way of creating value from otherwise unused materials, thus addressing the issue of waste.

The current method for creating bespoke timber objects involves labor-intensive and time- consuming processes that include gluing up custom billets and carving them to their final shape. The proposed workflow aims to improve this process by introducing robotic scanning, assembly, and post-processing techniques, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the physical demands on the maker. From a technological design point of view, the focus is on developing toolchains that are complementary to the AI software that are gaining popularity in the design world. 

Could we bridge the gap between image or point-cloud generators and the realities of making? Instead of starting with a rigid design and attempting to fit the material to it, this approach begins with the material itself and uses it as input for an AI design assistant. This collaboration between artists, robots, and machine intelligence has the potential to unlock new, yet unknown design possibilities

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