VOJEXT Webinar may 2024

VOJEXT Webinar: “Demonstration of VOJEXT collaborative robot pilots in construction and automotive sectors”

We are delighted to announce the upcoming webinar:
Demonstration of VOJEXT collaborative robot pilots in construction and automotive sectors

On  Friday, May 24th at 10:00 CEST.

This innovative two-part event is organized by both ACCIONA and Mercedez turkey UC, as part of the VOJEXT workshop series.

In this 90-minute session, two use cases will be presented, with the key objective to provide valuable insights into the implementation and benefits of mobile robots in manufacturing production, with a specific focus on the construction and automobile sectors.

If you represent an SME and are eager to grasp the benefits of collaborative mobile robots in these sectors, or seeking guidance for integrating cobots in your operations, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to find out!

Whether you are considering the transition from fixed robots to mobile solutions or are interested to see how the cobots work in different industrial applications, the VOJEXT workshop and webinar series delivers valuable insights to address your needs.

Within the VOJEXT project framework, a series of activities, each dedicated to a specific pilot, will be conducted.
These workshops take a deep dive into the unique characteristics of these two use cases, dissect the technical aspects of robotics with a special emphasis on the challenges they address, and even include brief live demonstrations.

During the 90-minute session of “Demonstration of VOJEXT collaborative robot pilots in construction and automotive sectors”, our esteemed VOJEXT partners will cover the following subjects:

  • Part 1: Multifunctional robot’s collaboration with a human operator in construction wall finishing
  • Part 2: Mobile Cobots for supporting quality inspection of thermoplastic automotive components

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the potential of mobile collaborative robots and elevate the efficiency of your manufacturing operations!

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