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VOJEXT Open Call #2 Pilot Winners

June 15th marked an exciting milestone in the world of innovation as F6S hosted the kick-off meeting for the winners of the highly anticipated Open Call 2 Pilot. This event served as the official platform to welcome 5 European SMEs who will embark on an exciting journey to develop and integrate groundbreaking solutions within the VOJEXT ecosystem of cobots and mobile robots. With up to 80K EUR in funding and a project duration of up to 8 months, these companies are poised to make a significant impact in their respective fields.

Let’s take a closer look at the winning companies, their home countries, the challenges they will address, and the esteemed consortium partners who will support their projects:

  • STAM Technologies (Italy) will be supported by TREE Technologies to address the Challenge 1 – Warehouse management
  • IKnowHow (Greece) will be supported by TREE technologies to address the Challenge 2 – Robots for logistics supporting and demonstrating capabilities in real operational environments
  • Human Opsis (Greece) will be supported by PIAP to address the Challenge 3 – Graphical overlay design for core UI
  • 3D Components AS (Sweden) will be supported by Robotnik to address the Challenge 5 – Metrology and Reconstruction
  • Vimansys Digital Solutions (Turkey) will be supported by Mercedes Benz to address the Challenge 6 – Machine Learning-based Material Characterization.

With such a diverse range of projects and exceptional consortium partners, the Open Call 2 Pilot promises to be a catalyst for innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cobots and mobile robots. Over the next 8 months, these 5 European SMEs will collaborate closely with their consortium partners to bring their visions to life and make significant strides in their respective fields.

The F6S team extends its warmest congratulations to STAM Technologies, IKnowHow, Human Opsis, 3D Components AS, and Vimansys Digital Solutions for emerging victorious in the Open Call 2 Pilot. We eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking solutions they will develop and the transformative impact they will have on the VOJEXT ecosystem.

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