“VOJEXT Joins Manufacturing Partnership Day: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration in Manufacturing”

On September 26th, VOJEXT had the privilege of participating in the esteemed Manufacturing Partnership Day event organised by EFFRA in Brussels. This event, boasting a roster of more than 50 distinguished speakers, unfolded as a dynamic and enlightening day marked by thought-provoking presentations and invaluable exchanges. Attendees had the opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of “Made in Europe” and “Factories of the Future” projects while connecting with like-minded manufacturing innovation and research professionals.

The event was structured in three parallel session tracks, taking place in three conference rooms thoughtfully distributed across two floors. One highlight of the event was the exhibition area, which allowed participants to gain intricate insights into the various showcased projects and engage in meaningful discussions with the representatives of these projects.

The central hub of activity was situated in room Einstein. Here, Xenia Beltran Jaunsarás, the coordinator of the VOJEXT project, took the stage as a panelist. The panel discussion, titled “Handling Systems for Flexible Materials, the Update of Digital Game Changers, and Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories”, provided a platform for Xenia to illuminate the journey of VOJEXT as it advances to the operational stage.

VOJEXT‘s participation in Manufacturing Partnership Day underscored its commitment to driving innovation and collaboration within the manufacturing landscape. As the project continues to evolve and make strides towards a connected smart future, events like these serve as pivotal moments for sharing insights and forging meaningful connections within the industry.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from VOJEXT as it continues to shape the future of manufacturing!

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