Exploring the Contribution of Artists in Manufacturing through S+T+ARTS Residencies (1)

VOJEXT Artist Workshop: Exploring the Contribution of Artists in Manufacturing through S+T+ARTS Residencies

The VOJEXT Artist Workshop, scheduled for June 22nd at 14:00 CEST, aims to celebrate the invaluable contributions of artists within the VOJEXT project and consortium. This workshop aims to showcase the projects undertaken by artists and highlight the immense potential that the artistic dimension brings to the digitalization transformation in the manufacturing environment.

The session, which will be held via Zoom, is open to consortium members, DIHs, and SMEs interested in exploring the intersection of art and manufacturing.

The workshop’s agenda includes an introduction and welcome by Waag, a prominent institute for art, science, and technology. This will be followed by a keynote presentation, showcasing good practices that exemplify successful artist-industry collaborations. Attendees can anticipate valuable insights and inspiration from this address.

The highlight of the workshop will be the presentation of the VOJEXT artist residencies projects. Each residency artist will have the opportunity to present their project and share their experiences. The three residencies featured in this workshop are as follows:

  1. Residency 1 – Calin Segal: Robotics in Construction (Project Ornate Equations)
  2. Residency 2 – Marielena Papandreou: Robotics in Arts and Crafts (Project GRAIN)
  3. Residency 3 – Anna Schaeffner: Social Robots (Project: Soft Collision)

Following the residency presentations, there will be a Q&A session where the audience can engage with the artists and delve deeper into their projects.

The workshop offers an exciting platform to explore the potential synergy between artists and the manufacturing industry, particularly within the domains of manufacturing and DIH. By bringing together artistic creativity and technological innovation, this workshop seeks to foster collaboration and push the boundaries of digitalization in manufacturing.

We invite you to join us for this engaging session, where best practices, ongoing projects, and future collaborations will be discussed. Kindly mark your calendar and reserve your spot using the provided Zoom Meeting link. Your active participation in the VOJEXT Project is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to connecting with you at the workshop!

Link to Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87377767290?pwd=MW5qMGh2QnRjR0x5Q09nY2VxUFpTdz09

Meeting ID: 873 7776 7290

Passcode: 842638

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