The Synergy Between Artists and Manufacturing Industry: Your Voice Matters!

In the dynamic realm of innovation, the fusion of artistry and industry has given rise to remarkable creations, epitomized by the MX3D bridge in Amsterdam—a fully functional 3D-printed steel marvel, a collaborative masterpiece between MX3D and Joris Laarman Lab, seamlessly blending art and technology.


The VOJEXT project, acting as a nexus of European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) specializing in AI, robotics, and the artistic dimension, stands as a pioneer in driving innovation forward.

As a pivotal facet of the VOJEXT project, we delve into the world of artistic residencies, where artists and industrial partners join forces. These collaborations not only yield innovative projects but also lay the groundwork for the integration of artistic dimensions into industrial landscapes. Through these experiences, DIHs are empowered to champion collaborative innovation.

Building on the success of artistic residencies, we’ve established a DIHs group—a forum where these hubs come together to exchange insights, sharing experiences and exploring how the artistic dimension can enrich their offerings and engage their members. Our aim is to present a comprehensive view of the potential impact of artists in industry while providing valuable process design and methodologies to facilitate seamless artist-industry collaborations.

Calling For Industry Voices

Here’s where you come in: Share Your Thoughts in our Survey

This quick 5-minute survey is all about hearing what manufacturing companies think about working with artists. What drives you? What holds you back? Let us know. We’re on a quest to comprehend the needs and motivations of industrial companies when forging collaborations with artists.

Why does it matter? Because your thoughts shape the way art and industry team up. Plus, by participating in the survey, you not only shape the narrative of art and industry but also stand a chance to be part of a wider forum alongside manufacturing SMEs and the DIH network.

Ready to dive in? Take the Survey and be a driving force in reshaping the dialogue between art and industry.

The survey closes its curtain on April 12th, 2024. Let your voice echo in the halls of innovation!

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