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What is VOJEXT and how can it help SMEs grow their manufacturing business?

VOJEXT is a Horizon 2020 project which strives to provide a new generation of technological user-friendly and refined framework for collaborative robotics (“cobots”) for the needs of the manufacturing and construction industries. It closely engages SMEs in the process of designing, developing and demonstrating multi-purpose robotic systems in different industrial spheres.

What benefits does VOJEXT
bring to SMEs?

The use of the collaborative robots is expected to: increase SMEs’ competitiveness; reduce human error and downtime; improve efficiency and quality of products; decrease carbon footprint and waste of resources; save time and energy; and preserve traditional skills.

What challenges does VOJEXT tackle ?

VOJEXT addresses the challenges of manufacturing SMEs comprising balancing excessive manual labor, assembly of fragile products or reviving ancient crafts.

Which industries does VOJEXT benefit most?

VOJEXT’s use cases demonstrate the application of the collaborative robot in different sectors – plastic textiles, electronics, automotive, construction and creative architecture.


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