Led by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), VOJEXT brings together a multidisciplinary and complementary consortium team consisting of twenty (20) partners from fourteen (14) EU and associated countries. VOJEXT partners comprise eight (8) SMEs (Shadow, Robotnik, Tree Technologies, Technovation Solutions, Kontor 46, F6S Network Limited, Oficina Keller Napoles, OSAI Automation Systems), a mid-cap (PEMU) and two (2) large companies (Acciona, Mercedes Benz), two (2) universities (UPM, NEBRIJA), four (4) research centres (Fortiss GmbH, Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów -PIAP-, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt-DLR-) and three (3) non-profit organisations (Pôle EMC2, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Stichting Waag Society). VOJEXT brings new scenarios to the Project, fostering scientific and business driven innovation under the umbrella of the Digital Innovation Hubs in Spain, Germany, Poland and France that specialize in robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and manufacturing; which will be linked to other seven DIHs in Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Italy and United Kingdom through the advisory board. 

UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE MADRID (UPM), Spain – the largest Spanish technological university as well as a renowned European institution. With two recognitions as Campus of International Excellence, it is outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly-qualified professionals, competitive at an international level. 

FORTISS GMBH (FOR), Germany  – the Research Institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services, with the status of an affiliated institute of the Technical University of Munich. Fortiss takes a leading role in research, development, and realisation of digital technologies. 

POLE EMC2 (EMC2), France – the French competitiveness cluster dedicated to Advanced Manufacturing and Industry of the future Technologies, created in 2005 in the framework of a national initiative and operating from Pays de la Loire and Bretagne regions. The association gathers all the actors of innovation around key markets and technologies to foster the emergence of collaborative R&D projects. 

SIEĆ BADAWCZA ŁUKASIEWICZ – PRZEMYSŁOWY INSTYTUT AUTOMATYKI I POMIARÓW PIAP (ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIAP),  Poland – leading research Institute since 1965, employing over 150 scientists and more than 100 auxiliary personnel. The Institute offers wide, interdisciplinary experience in the fields of information technology, industrial and mobile robotics, industrial automation, security and defence, telemetry and telecommunication, artificial intelligence and measuring devices. 

ROBOTNIK AUTOMATION SLL (ROB), Spain – SME which started its activity in 2002 and is currently a leading company in the European service robotics market. Robotnik is specialised in Mobile Robotics.

THE SHADOW ROBOT COMPANY LIMITED (SHDW), United Kingdom – robotics technology development SME based in Madrid and London. Shadow is developing advanced robotics technologies and systems, including advanced manipulation technologies. 

TREE TECHNOLOGY SA (TREE), Spain – Spanish R&D-performing SME that provides ICT-based solutions for different sectors and markets (e.g. banking and insurance, public administration, healthcare and transport). TREE works within an open innovation model to provide their customers with advanced ICT solutions, helping them to optimise their processes and improve their business. 

FONDAZIONE ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA (IIT), Italy – the Italian Institute of Technology is a scientific research centre established by law in 2003 by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Economy and Finance, in order to promote excellence in both basic and applied research and to facilitate the economic development at national level. 

UNIVERSITAS NEBRISSENSIS SA (UNNE), Spain – top-ten Spanish university located in Madrid. It is a university with around 11,000 students, noted for high standards in teaching, internationalisation and industry cooperation. 

TECHNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS LTD (TVS), United Kingdom – UK-based SME providing   solutions on design optimisation, knowledge-based engineering, process automation, decision support system development, life cycle analysis and life cost analysis. 

F6S NETWORK LIMITED (F6S), Ireland – UK-based entity that has become the largest Startup/SME community globally with over 1.3 million Startups/SMEs and 1.7 million entrepreneurs. F6S delivers more than €2 billion every year to Startups and SMEs.

KONTOR 46 DI BONASSO MATTEO SAS (K46), Italy – SME established in 1996 as a University spin-off company. Its business area is in high tech hardware and software developments.

STICHTING WAAG SOCIETY (WAAG), Netherlands – pioneer in the field of digital media. Over the past 25 years, the foundation has developed into an institution of international stature, a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and has become both a catalyst for events and a breeding ground for cultural and social innovation.

SDRUZHENIE BULGARSKA TARGOVSKO-PROMISHLENA PALATA (BCCI), Bulgaria – established in 1895, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a nationally represented horizontal non-profit private NGO for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its 44 000 associated members. 

PEMU MUANYAGIPARI ZARTKORUEN MUKODORESZVENYTARSASAG (PEMU), Hungary – Hungarian plastic processing company located in Solymár. It is a continuously developing company founded 60 years ago, which is currently a front-rank company in Hungarian plastic processing industry. 

OFFICINAKELLER LANIFICIO NAPOLI S.R.L. (OKN), Italy – well-established private limited company in the south of Italy with more than 20 years of   experience in several projects including residential, commercial and public buildings. 

OSAI AUTOMATION SYSTEM SPA (OSAI), Italy – Italian SME that operates in the field of automation and system integration for industrial processes. The company aims to offer customers modern solutions to their means of production and to improve the competitiveness compared to low-cost countries. 

ACCIONA CONSTRUCCION SA (ACC), Spain – leading European construction company designing, constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and total revenues of € 3,137 million (2018), employing more than 11,000 people.

MERCEDES-BENZ TURK AS (MB), Turkey – established in Istanbul in 1967, is one of the biggest foreign direct investments in Turkey with a total investment volume of €1 billion and employs around 6,000 people. 

DEUTSCHES ZENTRUM FUER LUFT – UND RAUMFAHRT EV (DLR), Germany – the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. 

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