Main aim
and specific objectives

The VOJEXT project aims at providing a favourable business and technological framework to enable matchmaking and encourage producers and adopters (mainly SMEs including small crafters) of cognitive autonomous systems for human-robot interaction, especially “cobots”, dynamising science-driven industry approaches for the European industry. For this purpose, VOJEXT will design, develop, validate and demonstrate affordable, market-oriented, agile, multipurpose and easy-to-repurpose, autonomous, mobile and dexterous robotic systems as the main component of a smart, agile and scalable cognitive CPS for industry; under the vision of providing Value Of Joint EXperimenttion (VOJEXT) in digital technologies to manufacturing and construction industry; while having DIHs as drivers of innovation-based economic development in Europe.

This will enable new ways of automation (semi- or fully-automatic tasks) and flexible reconfiguration (tasks, factory floor, equipment) for more effective and efficient manufacturing/construction processes in activities requiring precise manipulation of objects and devices, especially when tackling small-scale production and personalised goods. Likewise, an improved human-robot collaboration will allow a fluid robot interaction based on safety, gender and ergonomics principles, leading to better working conditions. In order to attract and involve a large number of entrepreneurs, SMEs and mid-caps in the innovative ecosystem, a wide range of initiatives, activities and events will be planned with special focus on community building and long-term sustainability.

Achievement of the overall objective is supported by the following specific project objectives:
OBJ. 1:

Strengthen the European industry by approaching advanced technologies in the field of cognitive and autonomous systems and robotics to SMEs and mid-caps through a set of DIH initiatives and communication and dissemination activities.

OBJ. 2:

Develop an advanced Cyber-Physical System (CPS) with high-level reasoning capabilities – based on semantic modelling and a cloud knowledge base – underpinning an effective and efficient management, control and supervision of the production process involving precise manipulation of objects/devices.

OBJ. 3:

Provide a beyond state-of-the-art modular mobile robotic system with high dexterity for grasping, holding, transporting and manipulating different types of materials, scalable in functions and connected as a plug-in to the knowledge base cloud, for human-robot collaboration.

OBJ. 4:

Foster a ground-breaking standardised perceptual system allowing accurate and safe navigation, movements and human-robot collaboration by taking advantage of available and new sensors and IoT devices deployed in the operational environments.

OBJ. 5:

Design a proactive safety preservation and ergonomic optimisation approach with adaptability/personalisation to the individual gender, age, cognitive and physical capacities and special attention to co-working environments and related specificities, improving efficiency and conditions at work. WP4 will mainly contribute to the achievement of this objective.


To integrate the different component, test and validate VOJEXT through up to 15 experimental pilots as use case demonstrators and the awarded (10-16) tenders of the two open calls.

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