Are you an SME or Midcap interested in digital transformation and robotic solutions?
Are you a DIH interested in collaboration
between industry and artists?

In the framework of the Digital Innovation Hub (DIHs) initiatives and long-term sustainability, the project aims at creating a network gathering European DIHs interested in AI and robotic solutions. The 4 DIH core partners in VOJEXT (FORTISS, PIAP, EMC2 and UPM) – together with External Expert Advisory Board members will work at building a community to:

    • Promote European cooperation and innovation among DIHs and their members;
    • Assess and exchange experiences for close collaboration;
    • Encourage collaboration and serve as intermediary to connect technology suppliers and end users, matching capabilities and demands in Europe;
    • Share knowledge about the funding opportunities to foster innovation in respective ecosystems, in particular regarding regional S3 strategies;
    • Identify and exchange knowledge on AI, robotics and manufacturing;
    • Investigate the applicability of the VOJEXT project results to the widest possible industrial community.

VOJEXT consortium is in the process of defining and structuring the activities of the network and will involve interested DIHs to contribute.

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