Are you a DIH interested in collaboration between industry and artists?

VOJEXT project brings together Digital Innovation Hubs interested in AI, robotic solutions and artistic dimension to support innovation.

Our focus on Artistic dimension!

More and more (high-tech) companies throughout the world assert that, in addition to scientific and technological skills, one of the critical skills needed for innovation to happen, and to be of value for society, is creativity. Since creativity is rooted in artistic practices, the expertise and practice of artists can directly drive and influence innovation in technology. They offer alternative perspectives, inspire surprising directions, and can act as catalysts for a successful and socially responsible transformation of technologies into products and new social, ecological and economic models. In recognition of this, the European Commission launched the STARTS Initiative – Innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the Arts, in 2015. The main goal of the STARTS initiative is the inclusion of artists in innovation projects.

Our approach is based on the added value and unexpected results interdisciplinary encounters can have for both the artists and technical collaborators involved.

Building on the project and partners experience, VOJEXT will support DIHs to exchange about their services and reflect on how artistic dimension can support their activities and their members.

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